Have You Ever Wondered What it Takes to Find The Love Of Your Life?

  • Is it your dream to find a life partner who will love, cherish and adore you?

  • Are you tired of "situationships" that never develop into a true, committed relationship?

  • Are you exhausted by doing all the work only to be met by emotionally unavailable, closed off or scared men?

  • Are you done with being treated only as an option?

  • Chances are, you're a kind, intelligent and beautiful person, in fact you're a really great catch, but nonetheless, that special someone who truly recognizes your worth never seems to show up in your life. You may be wondering, "Where are all the good men?"

​If Any Of These Statements Resonate With You, Then Read On. I’ve Got Really Good News For You!

Let's get this straight - You deserve a loving, supportive and nurturing relationship with a wonderful man. You deserve to have the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of. You deserve to have that manifest as your reality. It's your birthright!

Do You Want...

  • A Man Who Will Cherish You

    He knows your worth and works hard to make you happy. His biggest joy is seeing you fulfilled.

  • A Man Who Is Ready For Love

    He's in a healthy place and wants a real commitment. He works hard contribute equally.

  • A Man Who Can Express Himself

    He knows how to communicate his feelings and needs. He also encourages you to open up to him.

  • A Man Who Is Happy In Himself

    He's happy within his own skin and life. He's got his life together and has his own passions.

  • A Man Who Takes Action

    He isn't afraid of commitment. He is emotionally mature and values a classy lady.

  • A High Quality Man

    He's respectable, loyal, compassionate and loves with all his heart.

It Really Is Possible

Does it seem far-fetched?

Well it's not when you know how to attract the right One! 

But I do understand why it can seem so impossible to manifest this type of high-quality man! 

I know what it's like to struggle in relationships and finding the person who loves and adores you, who wants the sames things as you do! I went through it all too for many years! 

That is, until I truly mastered the Law of Attraction and met him, my Sacred Soulmate. Now we are together and we're very happy!

But I understand your struggles.

You have likely worked extremely hard to create that deeply loving bond, perhaps many times over with different men, only to be met by them being half-arsed about the relationship. The more you gave, the more you craved their love, the more they backed off or completely disappeared.

When we go through these disappointing and downright hurtful experiences with men, especially several times over, it can really knock our confidence and make us believe there are no good men out there, or worse, it makes us feel we're not good enough. 

When we keep attracting these types of dead-end "situationships" it can start to form a deep-seated belief that a wonderful, fulfilling relationship will never happen for us. 

But when we change our beliefs to be positive, anything is possible. Yes, even manifesting your own Sacred Soulmate relationship.

Become A Strong Magnet For Love

We've been conditioned to seek outer circumstances like wealth, success and intimate relationships because we believe those things will make us happy. But the truth of the matter is, it's actually the other way around. The happier we are, the more easily we draw to us everything we want. As within, so without. That's how the Law of Attraction works.

Every minute or every day we are sending out energetic signals based on our thoughts, beliefs systems and emotions. This is our "vibration". Whatever vibration we are within is what we manifest on the outside.

Think of it like a mirror reflecting back to you the energetic signals we are sending out. If we are unhappy, cynical and resentful, we will attract people and circumstances that just affirm this to us, giving us more reason to feel unhappy, cynical and resentful. 

If we are full of joy, optimism and have a love for ourselves and our life, we will draw to us the people and circumstances that support this vision we hold about the ourselves and the world. 

So What Do I Need To Do To Attract The Love Of My Life?

It's simpler than you think

  • Be Happy

    We must be happy within ourselves and our life in the present moment in order to manifest that back to ourselves as a reflection of our vibration.

  • Love Yourself

    We must love and accept ourselves unconditionally as we are right now, knowing our worth so that we attract the soulmate who knows our worth too.

  • Let Go of The Past

    We must let go of any past heartbreak, bitterness or holding on to love interests where it's clearly not working out. We must surrender to new opportunities.

What You'll Learn On This Course

The purpose of this course is to help you become so happy, so self-loving and so joyful in your life in the present moment, that the universe mirrors it all back to you in the shape of your sacred soulmate relationship manifesting into your life. ​I Will Teach You...

  • How to BELIEVE that you will attract the love of your life so that it manifests

  • How to DISSOLVE any hidden defenses your subconscious has used to keep love away

  • How to let LET GO of the past: past heartbreak, holding onto a specific person etc

  • How to really KNOW in your entire being that you deserve the BEST in love

  • How to LIVE AS IF in order to trick the subconscious into believing you are already with your sacred soulmate so it manifests

  • How to TAKE ACTION when you are guided to

  • How to really enjoy the "waiting" period as you LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULL

  • How to fall DEEPLY in love with yourself

  • How to SURRENDER fixed ideas about the specifics of how you think your sacred soulmate "should" manifest in your life

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Karen! She's the Founder of Soul Whispers Tarot and the director of the Sacred Soulmates Course. She’s been giving professional Relationship advice for more than fifteen years, helping over 10,000 clients worldwide align with their Sacred Soulmate.

Karen began as a tarot reader back in 2004, focusing on deep soulmate connections. She found she had a real talent for combining her deep intuitive abilities and relationship psychology in order to align with her own Sacred Soulmate and help her clients to do the same.

She has a rich knowledge of the Law of Attraction and how our vibration determines what we manifest into our lives.

It became her passion to help others and her clients have been thrilled at the results they received through her guidance.

Karen is a kind and compassionate teacher. She goes into great depth to really help her students understand exactly how to use the techniques, rituals and exercises to create the best results.

She is a notable leader in the spiritual relationship category on YouTube where she helps thousands of viewers to understand their romantic relationships via her expertise in the Tarot. 

Sacred Soulmates Manifestation Video Course

Over 4 hours of Video Lessons

Join Karen Burness for an unprecedented online training designed to teach you to align with your ultimate sacred soulmate relationship.

Sacred Soulmates Manifestation Meditations

Relax, Tune In and Manifest

Allow Karen to gently guide you through healing and visualisation meditations to help you release blocks and align with the Love of Your Life.

Sacred Soulmates Healing and Manifesting Journal Exercises

Beautifully Presented Exercises

Writing things down on paper really helps with the healing process and allows us to get clear about what we really want to manifest into our lives.

Who Is This Course For?

  • You're Ready for New Love

    This course is for those who want to manifest a new relationship. It's for those who are open to meeting their Sacred Soulmate whomever he / she may turn out to be. *This course is not for manifesting a specific person*.

  • You Want Profound Inner Peace

    This course teaches you how to be so happy on the inside and out that you no longer NEED a soulmate to be happy. Then, in this place of deep peace, you attract your divine love as a mirror of your high vibration.

  • You Want A High Quality Man

    This course is for you if you are done with low-quality men who treat you poorly. It's perfect for you if you are seeking a high quality man who will cherish you and the relationship. A man who is healthy and available.

Who Is This Course NOT For?

  • You Want To Manifest A Specific Person

    This course is NOT for manifesting a specific person. This course gets you into the right vibration to attract the soulmate who is best for you, the one for your highest good.

  • You're Not Willing To Do The Inner Work

    This course is not for those looking for a shortcut to love. You must do the inner work. However, it is easier and quicker than you might think. Finding the Right One is worth putting in the effort for.


Each Week You Will Receive New Videos and materials emailed to you on a particular Topic To Help You Manifest Your Sacred Soulmate

Week 1 - Belief

Your beliefs about yourself, love and relationships is what manifests into your life

  • Video: Introduction to the Course

  • Quiz: Current Vibration

  • Video: How to believe your soulmate is out there

  • Video: How to Visualise and *feel* your way to manifesting your Sacred Soulmate

  • Video: How to create a Vision Board

  • Meditation: Attract Your Sacred Soulmate Affirmations

Week 2 - Healing

How ready are you right now to allow the Love of Your Life to enter your life?

  • Audio: Identifying subconscious blocks that keep love away

  • Video: How to heal your inner child

  • Video: How to fully let go of past loves with peace

  • Meditation: Releasing Past Loves

  • Journal Exercise: Create Powerful Self-Worth

  • Meditation: Powerful Self-Worth

Week 3 - Act As If

We must act as if our soulmate is already with us in order to mirror that into our reality

  • Video: Prepare your home

  • Video: Make room in your life

  • Journal Exercise: What can I release in my life?

  • Meditation: My ideal life with my soulmate

  • Video: Do the things you've been "saving up" to do with your soulmate

  • Journal Exercise: Love Letters to yourself

Week 4 - Surrender

We must "get out of our own way" and trust the universe is delivering our soulmate into our life

  • Video: How to trust in the Law of Attraction

  • Video: How to enjoy the "waiting period"

  • Journal Exercise: Focusing on Other Creative Goals

  • Video: How to let go of specifics

  • Video: How to take action when needed

  • Quiz: Are You Ready For Your Sacred Soulmate?

  • Meditation: Surrender to Allow

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